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air ducts and ventilation systems, whether residential or commercial,  can collect(even harbor!) harmful varieties of pollutants,  which can be detrimental to one’s health.  Such contaminants can include:  dust, dander, bacteria, and molds/fungus.  These impurities have been known to activate allergies, asthma, and sometimes result in chronic diseases like:  tuberculosis, emphysema, or advanced sarcidosis.  With the concerning health risks that can be caused by your ventilation system, it is imperative to clean your air ducts, A.C. unit, and furnace to ensure good air quality.

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How can I improve the air quality in my home?


Regular dusting, mopping, vacuuming and sweeping makes a big difference.  As well, keeping the filters in your vacuum clean, making sure you have door mats at every entrance can help trap particles for easier removal.  A deeper clean, such as carpet steaming, HVAC duct cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and washing the drapes regularly, can all help.  The filter in your HVAC system can also make a big difference! The ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, AC Engineers) has found that the average fiberglass filter only catches about 7% of the particles that passes through.  Proper use of an electrostatic filter can help with this.  It ionically charges the particles, trapping them in the filter.  These filters help reduce household costs and landfill waste, as well as dust, since they are washed, rather than replaced!

With this in mind, it is imperative that the A.C. Unit and the Duct-work receive a basic vent cleaning in Austin every 18 to 24 months, and a deep cleaning every 4 to 6 years (depending on system accessories).  Our technicians are professionally trained to handle most issues concerning cleaning, remediation, and preventative measures to ensure impurities are removed 

from the entire system and vastly improving air quality for your home or business.

Austin Duct Cleaning professionals are thoroughly trained to confront such pollutants with high quality machines, Ecofriendly sanitizers and preventative solutions, and a 2 year warranty on any deep cleaning we undertake. 

There are several differences between basic and deep cleaning that is explained below:

Basic Cleaning:  Vacuuming out each individual air duct and return with high powered 

negative pressure vacuum to remove dust, debris, hair, and dirt.

Deep Cleaning:  Several deep cleaning services that can be done separately or to-

gether which include:  Sanitization with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial solutions

mold Treatment that eradicates fungus within the air ducts/unit, 

and rotor brush for solidified dirt and debris.

Maintenance Between Cleanings

Although having your air ducts professionally cleaned is beneficial to your home and health, it isn't enough. To ensure that you are breathing the cleanest air at all times, you should stay up-to-date on your filters.Your air filters need to be changed least every 3 months. If there is a pet living in the home, the filter needs to be changed every 2 months. Finally, if there are multiple pets or allergy sufferers, it should be changed every 20-45 days.If changing your air filter this often seems to be a pain, opt for electrostatic filters. This type of filter does not need to be changed, but simply washed off. They can be a bit more expensive at first, but you will save money in the long run by not having to constantly buy traditional filters.By keeping up with your air filter, you will ensure your HVAC unit stays efficient and the air in your home stays breathable in between air duct cleanings.Another good rule of thumb is to ask any service provider that works on your HVAC unit to clean the cooling coils and drain pans. 

Air Duct Cleaning Near Me

 When choosing a duct cleaning company, be sure to search the phrase 'air duct cleaning near me.' This will turn up local results that can help you find companies familiar with the air problems in your area.This is important because depending on the area's climate or pollen situation, ducts can accumulate more or less of certain types of contaminants. Dealing with a local provider means they are in touch with what affects you and your home.If you are considering air duct cleaning or other preventative maintenance on your HVAC unit, you can easily skip the internet search and contact us! 


Blower After 3/5 years without maintenance

Blower After 3/5 years without maintenance

Blower After 3/5 years without maintenance

Blower cleaning in Austin

Blower motor- located in the air handler.

Once every 3-5 years the blower needs to be pulled off and fully cleaned for better efficiency .

Plenum Box 3/5 years without maintenance

Blower After 3/5 years without maintenance

Blower After 3/5 years without maintenance

Plenum Box cleaning in Austin

Plenum box as result of condensation mold/mildew building up on plenum box fiberglass for prevention sanitize and maintenance the furnace once every 3-5 years.

Air Duct 3/5 years without maintenance

Blower After 3/5 years without maintenance

Air Duct 3/5 years without maintenance

mold in the vent in Austin Tx

Air Duct With condensation and air flew circulation mold/mildew spread into the ducts,AC ducts should be maintenance once every 18 months.

Austin Air Duct is proud to service the Austin Metro Here

Austin Air Duct is proud to service the Austin Metro Here 

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