Air Duct Cleaning In Cedar Park

Good News! your local Air duct cleaning company has just arrived to Cedar Park, Texas!

Austin Air Duct Cleaning' had just arrived in Cedar Park, Texas, and we are here to make your home cleaner and your air healthier!

Our goal is to make you understand how important is cleaning the Air ducts in your house, to improve your air quality and to save you lots of money in the long term. Keep reading for more information! Or call us now- (512)-354-2780.

So What is Air Duct Cleaning?

Each house has its own Air duct system. Some houses have it build through the walls, some underneath the floor and some in the Attic (To read more about Air Duct system, press this link). It does not matter where the Air duct system is located, It is VERY important to clean it to avoid illness and allergies. When cleaning the Air ducts, we clear away all harmful contaminants such as- dust, pet dander, germs, bacteria, mold and fungus from your Air duct system that can affect your health and your AC unit condition. It is very recommended a maintenance cleaning for the Duct system every 12- 18 months, to keep the Duct system in a good condition and the air quality. A maintenance cleaning includes going to each one of the Air vents with a powerful truck-mounted machine, all the way up to the main unit to remove physical particles like dust, dander, and hair.  Sometimes, Maintenance cleaning is not enough, and a deeper cleaning is recommended. Deep cleaning can involve disinfection of ducts, removal of mold, and the use of a rotor brush to break up solid debris. 

Austin Air Duct cleaning Cedar Park offers free inspection on site for Residential and Commercial properties. 

How can it help us save energy?

If the Air duct system is filthy, it affects your HVAC unit by making it work harder than it should be. The harder it works, the more energy it takes, means- more money to spend. Also, keeping your Air duct system clean, will help your AC unit last longer and you won't have to play with the temperature often to keep your home comfortable. 

Feel free to give us a call to know more about saving energy at (512)-354 2780.

Health Considerations for a Clean Air duct system-

We spend most of your day at home, cooking, watching TV, or sleeping. 

The air we breathe at home can be contaminated with pollutants, means that we're stuck inhaling it every minute we are inside.

That contaminated air can cause illnesses not only for children but also for adults, people who suffer from Asthma and other respiratory problems.

The kind of dirt and debris found in the duct system can irritate the respiratory system and can cause infections. Even if you don't end up chronically ill, contaminated air can make it difficult to breathe, eye irritate and a tingling nose.

Dirty duct system is dangerous, that's why Mold removal and Fungus removal is recommended as well. Mold fungus is not noticeable until it is too late, and it is already spread inside the duct system. 

'Austin duct cleaning in Cedar Park, Texas is proudly licensed for Mold Removal, and treating Systems that are contaminated with Mold and fungus.

An early inspection of the ducts can save you a lot of money, and help you and your family breathe easier.  For Scheduling an appointment online click this link. If you want to consult with our experts, feel free to call our office- (512)- 354- 2780.  

Why is the house smell bad?

The air is blown from the AC unit through the vents system in each room. The cleaner the Ducts, the cleaner the Air you breathe. Clean duct system can help reduce odors from cooking and smoking. If the ducts are dirty, the odor is trapped inside the ducts and when the air is blown out it takes on the smell that was trapped. Austin Air Duct Cleaning in Cedar Park, TX provides special treatments for getting rid of bad smells (Smoking, Pets or Mildew).

How Does It Work?

Our team of technicians is the best in town, We use the newest equipment in the market, we trained all of our technicians for a friendly and honest communication, and will not accept less than 100% satisfaction from our customers. 

There are numerous questions that can be asked before service:

1. Did the technician have or obtain access to clean all components including the drain pans, coils, and fans?

2. Are the metal ducts visibly free of debris?

3. Have the air vents been cleaned and are they visibly free of debris/dust?

Before the technician will begin the cleaning, he will fully inspect the system, he will take photos of the air ducts, and will notify you the condition of the system and what treatment will be best recommended for the condition of your system for maximum results.  

After the service, the tech will provide pictures of the clean system.